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High Chiefess Kalanikauleleiaiwi- Brook Kapukuniahi Parker

9” X 12” Canvas Genesis Oil 

The very sacred High Chiefess Kalanikauleleiaiwi, a daughter of Queen Keakealaniwahine (mother) and King Kaneikakuaiwilani (father) of the Big Island is the inheritor of all the most sacred Kapu gathered from Hawaii to Kauai. She could claim the lineage of every ruling family on every island. She was the end result of over 300 years of careful genetic engineering. The actual architects of those marriage arrangements could be considered brilliant, their posturing, manipulations, and calculations, resulted in the most complex and sophisticated social structure found in all of Polynesia. She would become the mother of kings.  Every ruling chief and major Ali’i on every island at the time of Cook’s arrival in 1778 could lay claim to this very special matriarch. Kalanikauleleiaiwi was brought up in high security in a pa (enclosed compound) to ensure her chastity. She was to marry into the most influential and powerful of island families. Her children would be considered of the highest born Ali’i through out the entire Hawaiian archipelago. Her first born would become her most senior in rank. 

1. Her first husband Kaulaheanuiokamoku (Kaulahea) was from Maui. He was of the Pi’ilani family line and was heir to a long line of powerful and great Maui rulers. Prestige and honor is bestowed on their first child, a daughter named Kekuiapoiwanui. Kaulahea’s son, Kekaulike by another wife has arrangements made to marry his half sister, Kekuiapoiwanui. Their marriage is consideed a niaupi’o marriage. The combination of them being so closely related and her being of the highest rank insure their children superior status among all island chiefly families. This sibling marriage produces four children; they are Kamehamehanuiailuau, a son, Kalolapupuka, (Kalola) a daughter, Kuho’oheiheipahu, a daughter (died young) and another son, Kahekilinuiahumanu, (Kahekili, King of Maui). The three remaining siblings would play major roles in the closing chapters of Hawaiian history.

2. Her second husband is from her home island, she marries her half brother, Keaweekahiali’iokamoku(Keawe), ruling chief of most of the island of Hawaii. They have the same mother, Keakealaniwahine, but Keawe’s father is Kanaloakapulehu. Born to this sibling couple are two children; Kalanike’eaumoku, a son, and Kekelaokalani a daughter.

3. Her third husband is a high chief from Kohala, Kauauanuiamahi. She bears him a son by the name of Alapa’inuiakauaua (Alapa’i).

4. Her fourth husband and purportedly her true love, is a high chief from Kauai named Lonoikahaupu. She bears him a daughter Kanoena and a son Keawepoepoe. These siblings are joined in a Pi’o (full brother/sister) marriage and they have born to them three children, Kailaupule, a girl, and twin sons, Kame’eiamoku and Kamanawa. Keawepoepoe through another wife has a son named Ke’eaumokupapaiahiahi, (father to future Queen Ka’ahumanu).

These three brothers will rise in position and influence yet future in the court of their young nephew Kamehameha Kunuiakea (Kamehameha).

5. Kalanikauleleiaiwi is reported to have finally married a High Chief from Kohala named Kanekoa. To them was born a daughter named Po’omaikalani.

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